►What kind of equipment do I need to record facial mocap data with Facemotion?

By purchasing our product, you are provided with all the necessary equipment to record mocap data, you only need your PC.

Can Facemotion record eye movement?

Yes, facemotion is capable of eye tracking, in order to record mocap data for realistic facial expressions.

How can I learn to use Facemotion?

Using Facemotion is extremely simple, you can learn everything you need from our tutorial videos, and from user's manual.

How many markers can Facemotion track?

There is no fixed marker setup, you can use your own arrangement. By using several differently coloured markers, Facemotion can track up to 150 or more simultaneously.

Does Facemotion work with markers of one colour?

Yes, if you use less than 20 markers for the whole face. But it is recommended to use different colours, because that way, significantly less fault will occur.