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EasyCap Studio Facemotion is a device especially developed for recording face movement, and to simplify facial animation work. By using advanced mathematical algorithms, it has become possible to lower hardware requirements. This way, you can get professional quality and unique facial mocap data at lower price than ever. Using Facemotion, you do not need to make concessions because of the budget or deadlines at the expense of quality. The possibility to track optional number of markers enables you to create realistic facial animation. Please watch our video below!

You can find further details, videos, and sample mocap files at the website. If you need any assistance for testing Facemotion, please let us know! We are always happy to help you.

Our facial motion capture system can be ordered now for €5990 . For details, please visit the Order menu.

The Facemotion mocap system includes every component you need to record, you only have to install our software on your PC.