ECON Consulting Ltd. pays careful attention to the way it handles data and provides services so that in your interest it acts in compliance with Act No. LXIII of 1992 on the protection of personal data and disclosure of data of public interest, and with other data protection laws in effect and with the data protection practice developed through the activity of the Commissioner for Data Protection (see: and also takes the significant international recommendations in connection with data protection into consideration.

ECON Consulting Ltd. handles your personal data legally and decently with respect to the laws in effect and follows the written and unwritten international norms of data protection. 

ECON Consulting Ltd. informs its users and its guests this way about the personal data it handles, its practice of handling personal data, the organisational and technical actions it undertook for the protection of personal data and about the ways in which the persons concerned can use their rights. 

Definitions, abbreviations 

APPD: Act No. LXIII of 1992 on the protection of personal data and disclosure of data of public interest.

Data handler: that natural or legal person or organisation without a legal person who or which defines the goal of handling the data, makes the decisions concerning data handling and executes them or has them executed by an assigned data processor. 

Data handling: regardless of the procedure applied, it is any type of processing of the data or a set of procedures for example collecting, recording, systematizing, storing, modifying, using, forwarding, disclosing, harmonising or interconnecting, blocking, deleting and removing or preventing the further usage of the data. The taking of photos, sound and video recordings and the recording of physical characteristics that can be used for the identification of a person (e.g. fingerprint or handprint, DNA sample, iris scan) are regarded as data handling as well.

Apa.: Act CXL of 2004 on the general rules of administrative proceedings and services

Pac.: Act No. XXXIV of 1994 on the Police

 Personal data: any data that can be in relationship with a certain (identified or identifiable) person (hereinafter: the person concerned) and a conclusion about the person concerned can be drawn from the data. The personal data has this characteristic as long as its connection with the person concerned can be restored. The person can be regarded as identifiable especially if he or she can be identified directly or indirectly by name, identification data, or by one or more physical, physiological, mental, economic, cultural or social identity characteristics factor.

The data handler, the goal and scope of data handling

The handler of the data is ECON Consulting Ltd. (Hungary H-8000 Székesfehérvár, Zámoly út 82.) which handles the data in compliance with the following:

By using the website of the Service Provider and by subscribing to it you transfer personal data to us. While maintaining the internet connection certain technical data is created automatically in the Provider's computer system in connection with the used search engine, the Internet Protocol (IP address), domain name, the timing of the access and the viewed websites. ECON Consulting Ltd. uses this data exclusively for analysis in connection with the website and for collecting statistical information.

We handle data exclusively to the extent and time span that is necessary for the accomplishment of the above mentioned goals and we only handle that personal data which is indispensable for the accomplishment of the goal of the data handling and is suitable for the accomplishment of that goal.

The information that is created through the above mentioned data handling is handled by ECON Consulting Ltd. with the utmost care, highly confidentially, only to the extent that is necessary to the usage of the services, and with regard to Your instructions. Our company uses every legal means to prevent unauthorized persons from accessing it.

Under no circumstances will the data that came to the knowledge of ECON Consulting Ltd. be transferred to any third party, except for cases defined by Hungarian laws. The transfer of personal data can only take place in accordance with the provisions of laws concerning this issue, e.g. the provisions of Pac. etc., or if the person concerned permits it and to the extent that is defined in his/her permission.

 The legal basis of data handling

The legal basis of data handling is established by authorisation by law on the one hand and the voluntary nature of providing the data. Data handling is based on Act No. CVIII of 2001 on certain aspects of electronic commerce and information society services and the voluntary consent of the user.

In order to get access to further functions and services provided by ECON Consulting Ltd. some of your personal data is required, as the usage of these functions can only be implemented with Your voluntarily provided personal data (data necessary for identification etc.).

 Rights of the users

You have the right to ask for information about the data handling concerning you. ECON Consulting Ltd. will brief You on which of Your data is handled, what is the goal, legal basis, time span of data handling and on who and for what purpose gets or got the data concerning You. ECON Consulting Ltd. will provide the requested information in writing (via e-mail) as soon as possible but not more than 30 days after the request was submitted.

You have the right to ask any time for the correction of your data in case it was wrongly recorded.

You have the right to request the deletion of the data concerning you with respect to voluntary data handling. This can be initiated by a written request submitted to ECON Consulting Ltd.

You may object to the handling of your personal data if

a) the handling (forwarding) of personal data is necessary exclusively for the implementation of rights or valid interests of the data handler or data receiver, except if providing the data was enforced by law;

b) the usage or forwarding of personal data is done to gain profit directly, or serves the purposes of public opinion survey or scientific research;

c) the right to object is enabled by law in any way.

ECON Consulting Ltd. as data handler will fulfil the request within 3 workdays of receiving the objection if it is found clearly rightful. If the request is refused the data handler is required to explain its decision in the same format as the objection was made.

In case of any violation of your rights You have the right to sue ECON Consulting Ltd. as handler of your data. Your case will be heard in court immediately.

 Data security

One of ECON Consulting Ltd.'s top priorities is to make an effort to realise the secure handling of data and in order to achieve this it implements such technical and organisational actions and creates those protocols that enable it to comply with the APPD and other data and secrecy protection regulations. ECON Consulting Ltd. makes an effort to protect data, especially from unauthorized access, modification, forwarding, disclosure, deletion or erasure and from unintentional erasure or damage.

 Miscellaneous regulations

The processing of the data is primarily done by informational technology appliances in an automated way and the system operator has limited or no possibility to intervene.

ECON Consulting Ltd. may use a data processor for maintenance or other tasks in compliance with the regulations of the APPD. To the extent that is indispensable for the execution of such tasks the data processor can have access to personal data. If requested by the person concerned ECON Consulting Ltd. will provide information on the data handled, and the data processed by the data processor assigned by ECON Consulting Ltd., and provide the data processor's name, address (base) and its activity in connection with data handling.