Benefits of Facemotion:

    • accelerates your work by producing output data that can be used without additional data cleaning
    • saves you time and money, as some time consuming work phases can be aided with motion capture data
    • tracks optional number of markers, so you can use the marker setup that fits your needs the best. You can always choose the optimal marker setup and arrangement for your current modell, so it is as flexible as you need
    • enables you to produce realistic face animation for your characters quicker and easier than before
    • offers complex solution for producing mocap data, you only need your PC, the rest is provided by us.

Features of Facemotion:

    • uses marker based technology to measure precisely the displacement of characteristic points
    • shoots 100 frames per seconds to record even the fastest motion
    • provides you with unique eye tracking function for making realistic facial expressions
    • can produce output in trc, fbx, bvh and raw data formats as well
    • has a compact structure. You can set up and work with the system next to your desk in the office
    • is easy to set up. Assembling and calibrating the system take ten minutes, a basic marker setup takes another ten minutes, so you can use the working hours actually to record the facial movement in expected quality
    • is easy to learn and use. You can learn to record and scan within an hour.

How can face mocap data boost your work?

Motion capture can be a really beneficial choice, if you create 3D character animation for movies, television, or video games. You can seriously speed up the production process if you use motion capture with a good fitting pipeline. We advise you to check our sample files to get proof of the quality, and also check, how our mocap data can be implemented into your work. We are always happy to help you in this process. With motion capture you can also achieve a level of realism that could be time-consuming for animators to create 'by hand'.

You can benefit the most from motion capture, if you:

  • produce animated series. If you need to work several times with the same model, or you need to create a several minutes long face animation with the same model, preparing it for mocap data will pay off quickly.
  • produce animation for video games. Gameplay animations and cinematics in a character based game mean a great amount of work, usually with a very short deadline. As the main characters are required to seem exceptionally cool in these animations, it can be an obvious choice to drive their face with mocap data.
  • need to animate a single (or several different) character(s) in a realistic way. As animating it ’by hand’is a time-consuming activity, it is usually worth a check, if preparing the model(s), and using mocap data could save you time. It is also possible to mix the methods, so you can manually animate on the top of mocap data. In this case, you do not have to give up the total control of the result.

Our solution, Facemotion can be a very useful tool to work with, as it can highly raise your productivity and let you concentrate on the small details, which give the true essence of your work. However it does not replace talented animators on any level. Their ideas, and experience make the animation live, and it is impossible to produce any kind of value and result of good quality without these competences. So let’s think about face motion capture as an opportunity to produce the basics of an animation quite quickly! Even by using it, the result itself depends on the talent and skills of animators, however, they will have a good reference of performance as moving markers. It enables you to achieve your goals faster, or spend more time on details, or both at the same time.

We have developed our system to fit maximally into your style of work. The optional marker setup, flexibility, different export formats, compact HW and SW structure are the attributes that serve the need to be easy to learn and work with. Compared to other systems, Facemotion takes less time and effort to reach really good results with than any other application. If you are ready to start with it, don’t hesitate to contact us for sample files!

You should know that using face mocap data is not a valid option for all kind of projects. Some kind of projects can truly benefit from it, while in the case of others this technique doesn’t ease your work that much to make it worth using.

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